2 Great Websites!   Which one works for you?


4friendshipOnly (For Friendship Only) is a genuine 'Friendship Only' websites for UK couples.


4m8sonly (for mates only) is for members seeking to increase their personal circle of friendships.

We do not show your image or details on the front page of either site. Now that's a refreshing change!

Want to FIND FREE FRIENDSHIP SITES? The good news is that the internet is opening up whole new possibilities to do just that! Below we list our two website communities each designed specifically for friendship only. We have a site for couples and one for personal friends. The really good news is that each site is carefully managed and you can be confident of what you will find.

Personal friends? Friendship only? For Mates Only is for personal friends. It's a friendship only website that accepts UK residents only. Why would we do that? After all everyone likes to travel, see new parts of the world, experience different cultures. So the easy option by far was to have a so called 'international' website. It sounds cool, it sounds, well, international and that can't be a bad thing, can it?

Well, actually, if you live in the UK and are genuinely looking for friends for, say, a night out on the town, a game of pool down the pub, or just someone to meet up with now and then for coffee, what is the point in having a 'friend' that lives 3,000 miles away? Seriously, of course it sounds great, who wouldn't want to know someone living on a sun drenched tropical island? But for a genuine friendship that you share experiences with on a regular basis it's a non starter. What 4m8sonly offers is local friends, say in the same town or at least nearby. The same country is a good start!

Couple? Friendship only? For Friendship Only is a couples only, friendship only website that helps couples find other couples for friendship only. If you want more than friendship there are many sites on the internet that claim to offer just that. But for many couples they want to steer clear and have a genuine understanding with others that friendship is what they seek. At 4friendshiponly that's exactly what we do.

How do we achieve a friendship only website? By very careful administration of the site. New members have their profile checked before admission and any amendments in the future are also verified before being made available to other members.

Both of these sites offer free or low cost membership so importantly you can get on with your search for new friends fast.

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