TWO great friendship only sites.

Increase your personal social circle friendship only? 4m8sonly.co.uk

personal friendship site
Couple looking for other couples strictly for friendship only? 4friendshiponly.co.uk

couples friendship only site

BOTH SITES offer UK ONLY membership and FRIENDSHIP ONLY content.

Both of these sites offer free or low cost membership so importantly you can get on with your search for new friends fast.

The internet is becoming more and more popular for people seeking friendship only and it was only a matter of time before two sites would appear that were different and offered something special.

First on the scene was 4friendshipOnly which is a breath of fresh air for couples who want to find other couples strictly for friendship only. Up until that time it could be hit and miss, 4friendshipOnly removes doubt. We are friendship only!

Once 4friendshipOnly was up and running it quickly became obvious that there were many people seeking to increase their personal friendship circle and were unhappy with the concept of 'friendship and dating'. We decided straight away to make 4m8sOnly, a friendship only, no dating, community.